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In today global world, the opportunity to access foreign markets is a strategy that every business should at least evaluate if the purpose is to grow and survive.

We can assist you from the strategic planning of a foreign trade initiative to the accomplishment and management of the project.

Our goal is to provide tools, research and develop new markets, manage leads and assist in all the necessary steps not only for beginners but also for those firms that have already started this process. 
We can provide support for the outsourcing of the foreign trade process, as long as the ability to trade with the new markets gets stable or until the process is completely outsourced.

Our assistance includes the following services in each step of the Foreign Trade process :
Knowing the aptitudes that every global firm must develop to succeed in foreign markets, we work along with the Client in order to evaluate its abilities and performance in different areas related to the foreign trade process : 
  • Analysis of potentials for a foreign trade initiative (SWAT, Porter)
  • Involved products and/or services analysis,
  • Market analysis
  • Evaluation of technical, logistical, commercial and financial abilities
  • Identification of requirements to access global markets 

These analyses and the definition of business goals are the inputs for the definition of a Foreign Trade Strategic Plan.

Product Development

We provide full assistance in the analysis of new products and services for export or import, in the following areas :
  • new markets analysis,
  • new products definition, marketing mix analysis
  • trade, exchange and promotional policies definition
  • international regulatory requirements
  • risk analysis
  • Import/Export costs analysis
  • price policies definition
  • required logistics for local or foreign markets
Market development
Since we are exporters, we can contact leads and provide locations in other countries for the development of the import or export markets, assisting your firm in the following areas :
  • Promotion of business and products in the foreign market (fairs, trade missions)
  • Development of leads and trading opportunities
  • Preparation of RFIs / RFPs
  • Trading negotiation
Foreign Trade Processes
We guide your firm in how to manage the complete Foreign Trade process, in every aspect, from receipts and payments, customs, logistics, regulatory requirements, to taxes.
We provide daily updates on new regulations or policies related to Foreign Trade, and help identify new opportunities, tax returns or possible risks for your global market initiative.




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